Installation Equipment

  • Ambient Curing

    Ambient Curing (4)

    Ambient curing systems are simple to operate and an extremely economical solution to lateral lining. Simply invert the liner, then cap it off under pressure to let it cure. On larger projects where multiple services are lined, this system can increase your production by allowing you to move on to the next inversions. All that is required is additional curing caps and tanks. Perform multiple projects a day with the same crew!
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  • Hot Water Curing

    Hot Water Curing (6)

    Our compact and mobile hot water system increases your productivity while allowing you to work year round in colder climates. Expand your capabilities by choosing the right resin for your jobsite conditions, increasing your working time while decreasing your curing time.
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  • Inversion Drum Nozzles

    Inversion Drum Nozzles (3)

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  • Inversion Drums

    Inversion Drums (3)


    HammerHead 'Hydra' composite inversion drums are on the cutting edge of CIPP inversion drum technology. We’ve cut the weight by as much as 50% compared to outdated drums making HammerHead Hydra inversion drums ultra-portable on your jobsite. We also increased drum capacity by as much as 35% when compared to drums of similar weight.   Composite inversion drums easily withstand the higher temperatures needed for steam curing so you can use them for whatever your job or personal preferences call for. The rotational drum simplifies installations based on conditions on your jobsite. Additionally, they are easily maintained, corrosion-free, and seamless, eliminating a common failure point in other drums. HammerHead Hydra drums are available in four different sizes to meet your individual needs.
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  • Parts Accessories

    Parts Accessories (17)

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  • Steam Curing

    Steam Curing (2)

    Steam is simply the fastest heat curing method available. Further expand your capabilities by choosing the right resin for your jobsite conditions; you can increase your working time while dramatically decreasing your curing time by up to 75% when compared to other curing methods. By increasing your production time, you can do multiple installations in a day with just one crew! The new, portable steam system is on the cutting edge of design with innovative, simple to use controls at a price that shatters barrier to entry into the steam curing market.
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  • Trailer Packages

    Trailer Packages (1)

    HammerHead CIPP Lateral Lining Trailer Package


      When it comes to lining laterals, you often find yourself dealing with a wide range of site conditions and restrictions. HammerHead offers contractors a purpose-made, modular trailer solution for streamlined CIPP (cured-in-place-pipe) operations. Our trailers have been redesigned to give you maximum versatility to adapt in ever changing job conditions.   The new LT-20PRO 20-foot lining trailer is designed based on feedback directly from CIPP installers working in the field. The result is a mobile, climate-controlled workstation with all the storage, power and air supply you need for most any lateral lining application.   Its components are modular which allows you to configure your trailer to suit your specific needs and can accommodate equipment you already own. Standard equipment packages are also available which include your choice of inversion drum size, curing equipment, and reinstatement and drain cleaning tools.   FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HAMMERHEAD CIPP LINING TRAILER SOLUTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT US OR CALL US AT 800.331.6653
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  • Wet Out Tables

    Wet Out Tables (3)

    Professional installers want tools that help them get their jobs completed on time and on budget. Proper resin impregnation of liners is one of the keys to project success. With variable speed and pressure controls, our wet out tables can increase your efficiency and performance. Simply put, our wet out tables are designed to provide you with precise and consistent wet outs ensuring the highest quality installed liner.
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