Fast Cure Epoxy Kit – Grey (Case of 6)

SKU: 922-8967


NEW: Fast Cure Epoxy Kit – GREY

Picote’s new fast blend of Epoxy gives you the chance to apply the necessary coats within one workday. Because the viscosity and characteristics of the material are similar to Picote’s standard Dual Epoxy resin, the application technique remains the same.

  • Pot life: 15 min
  • SET TIME: 45 min
  • Maximum mils per coat: Same as standard Picote Dual Color Epoxy (same viscosity)
  • Time between coats: One hour and 15 minutes @ an ambient temperature of 70°.
  • Return to service: 4 hours
  • 6-Cartridge Kit (all grey) with 8 Tips, 3 nuts
  • Also available in white-only and dual-color kits

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