8″ x 24″ Elbow Point Repair – Winter Express PR-ELF8



*NOTE: Winter Express resin has significantly reduced working and cure time. Please consult with your HammerHead representative before installing.

24” structural repair of 3 – 8” diameter sections of elbow pipe, custom assembled point repair systems by HammerHead. Each system is custom-assembled based on specific point repair project requirements and includes: fiberglass mat, pre-measured resin, pre-measured hardener, protection wrap, spreading spatula(s), work surface, electricians tape, disposable gloves, and ties.

Point repair from HammerHead® Trenchless is an appropriate solution for a wide variety of issues seen in different types of pipes. It can be used in conjunction with CIPP installations or as stand-alone application over offset joints, pipe separations and damaged siphons. It can also be used to seal off interior drops and cap off unwanted laterals. It can even replace missing sections of pipe, repair 90° bends, bridge transitions or add extensions to a culvert.

Package Includes:

    • Pre-cut fiberglass mat
    • Pre-measured resin
    • Pre-measured hardener
    • Packer protection wrap
    • Spreading spatula
    • Work surface
    • Electricians tape
    • Disposable gloves
    • Plastic zip ties

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