Bluelight LED Lining System Intro

See the newly redesigned Bluelight LED cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining system from HammerHead Trenchless. The new system features an easy-to-use touch screen interface and interchangeable reels including a new light head size for rehabilitating 3" pipes.

The Bluelight LED CIPP lining system for laterals and small drain pipes is the most advanced light-curing system available. The innovative technology exclusively from HammerHead® Trenchless empowers CIPP lining pros by alleviating the time pressures of other CIPP systems. The specially formulated resin only cures under light in the “blue” wavelength, giving installers virtually unlimited working time between liner wet-out and curing. Once installed, the automated curing system pulls the LED light head through the liner, curing the resin almost instantly – as fast as 5.4 feet per minute. Instead of waiting hours for the liner to cure, a 50’ sewer line could be fully cured in under 10 minutes.