Inversion & Wet-Out

Equipment and related parts/accessories for the wet-out and inverting of liner for installation of cured-in-place pipe.

  • Inversion Drums

    Inversion Drums (3)


    NEW QuickLok inversion drums from HammerHead were created to improve upon previous designs by adding time-saving features including the patent-pending QuickLok door system. The door is locked down in seconds using a single lever; it reliably seals the drum and provides visual confirmation that the door is secure. QuickLok inversion drums also feature a new drum nozzle system that uses fewer nozzles to cover the entire 2 – 8" installation range. HammerHead QuickLok inversion drums will allow you to maximize the working time on any lining job.
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  • Drum Parts & Accessories

    Drum Parts & Accessories (14)

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  • Resin Mixing & Liner Wet-Out Equipment

    Resin Mixing & Liner Wet-Out Equipment (7)

    Professional installers want tools that help them get their jobs completed on time and on budget. Proper resin impregnation of liners is one of the keys to project success. With variable speed and pressure controls, our wet out tables can increase your efficiency and performance. Simply put, our wet out tables are designed to provide you with precise and consistent wet outs ensuring the highest quality installed liner.
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