PortaBurst Systems

Lateral pipe bursting process

PortaBurst Lateral Pipe Bursting Systems from HammerHead Trenchless

For your tough lateral pipe bursting jobs, you need two things from your bursting system – the power to get the job done quickly and the durability to be up and running burst after burst. The rugged PortaBurst system replaces 2 to 6″ lateral pipes with up to 30-tons of pulling force.Its compact footprint requires minimal excavation and the system is built to help you cut down on wasted time, maximizing productivity.

  • Cable

    Cable (1)

    Swaged 0.75" Cable in 75-, 100-, and 150-foot options for use with PortaBurst lateral pipe bursting systems.
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  • Down Hole Units

    Down Hole Units (1)

    Lateral pipe bursting with the PortaBurst system

    The down hole unit is typically set up at the house, in the basement or at the clean out. It is connected to a hydraulic power source. The burst head is pulled through the existing pipe, bursting it and pulling in the new pipe simultaneously.

    HammerHead offers 2 different models of PortaBurst down hole units: the PB30 Gen 2 and Lightning. What's the difference? While both have up to 30 tons of pulling force, the Lightning is designed to be lightweight for jobs where access is limited. The PB30 Gen 2 is a popular choice due to its proven durability and performance. Contact us to help determine which model is right for you!

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  • Power Packs

    Power Packs (5)

    Run your PortaBurst Lateral Pipe Bursting System with a PortaPower Power Pack

    The PortaBurst pipe bursting system can run on any hydraulic power source capable of 3000 psi and 13 gpm flow. You can use a dedicated power pack from HammerHead or choose to run it from a backhoe or compact excavator. We offer parts & accessories for either option!

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  • Tooling

    Tooling (6)

    HammerHead PortaBurst pipe bursting tooling

    Tooling for PortaBurst Lateral Pipe Bursting Systems

    HammerHead offers a wide selection of tooling for our PortaBurst lateral pipe bursting systems. Our 4” and 6” (100 and 150 mm) bursting heads offer quick, easy connections to HDPE pipe that allows you to negotiate 45° bends. The unique design lets you connect the burst head without the use of hand tools. Compared to bolt-on or fuse-on pipe pullers, our design will save you time and help increase overall production.

    Not sure what tooling you need? We're here to help! Call us or send us a message for help getting the right tooling for the job. You can also check out our PortaBurst Tooling Selection Chart for additional information.

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  • Parts & Accessories

    Parts & Accessories (11)

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  • Fusion Machines

    Fusion Machines (3)

    Pit Bull® Pipe Fusion Machines from McElroy

    McElroy Pit Bull HDPE Fusion Machines for Pipe Bursting

    The Pit Bull line of fusion machines is the workhorse of the McElroy fusion machine line with a marked level of endurance and durability. The carriage alone provides all the muscle you need to fuse small- and medium- diameter pipe. The carriage, heater, insulated heater stand and Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) are separate components that can be situated in various arrangements to allow flexibility in confined environments. All of the McElroy Pit Bull models feature serrated jaws and inserts to keep the pipe from slipping during fusion. Compact and portable, the Pit Bull fusion machine is built specifically for pipe fusion in the trenches, making it the ideal choice for use with HammerHead PortaBurst pipe bursting systems.

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