Quick Grip® Burst Heads

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Quick Grip® Burst Heads

Quick Grip Burst Heads only from HammerHead provide the industry’s easiest, most secure connection to the the new pipe. Quick Grip Burst Heads allow you to quickly connect the pipe without the use of any hand tools!

Quick Grip Burst Heads are available in the following sizes. All are SDR 11-26 unless otherwise noted.

  • 4″ IPS (911-3074)
  • 4″ DIPS, SDR 11-17 (911-3078)
  • 6″ IPS (911-3076)
  • 110 mm (911-3077)
  • 125 mm (911-3078)
  • 160 mm (911-3079)

Not sure what tooling you need?  Find out with our PortaBurst Tooling Selection Chart or call us for additional assistance!

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