Bluelight Software Upgrade (Next Generation)

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Bluelight Software 2.76 contains several improvements.  Updating is highly recommended.

Version 2.76 40314


  • IPC temperature warning lowered to 55°C
  • When installed on a new panel, default to imperial units

Software installation instructions

  1. Download zip file.
  2. Extract zip file on your computer and download file on a USB drive.
  3. Insert USB drive into USB port on the Bluelight controller.
  4. Open the TOOLS menu and select the SETUP tab.
  5. Press the LOGIN button – a dialogue will open to login
  6. Enter 12345 into both the username and password.
  7. After login, the SOFTWARE UPDATE button will highlight. – Press this button
  8. The controller will reboot in Recovery Mode
  10. Find and highlight the file you loaded on the USB drive – It will be titled “Bluelight_Software_v2_76_240314.swu”
  11. Press START
  12. Software will install and finish with SUCCESS
  13. After SUCCESS, press REBOOT
  14. Your Bluelight system is now upgraded.
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