Original Chains

Picote Premium Grinding Chains for Drain CleaningThe Original Grinding Chain from Picote Solutions


Grinding chains from Picote Solutions, available from HammerHead Trenchless, make for fast and efficient drain cleaning.  Combined with Picote Miller machines, these grinding chains will safely obliterate roots and hard debris from pipes.


The Original Picote chain is a great all-around cleaning and grinding chain, and is more effective than water jetting methods. Made from stainless steel, the Original chain is high-quality and often the first choice for drain cleaning pros when they need to tackle a tough job.


NEW! – HammerHead now offers Picote’s Premium Original chains. The premium version of the Original grinding chain features twice as many carbides and more robust welding of the teeth to the chain.  This allows you to cover a larger area, clean faster, and the chain will last longer. Shop both Premium and Regular Original Grinding Chains below!


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