HammerHead® Trenchless is proud to be the leading authorized North American distributor of Picote systems for pipe reinstatement, cleaning and repair.  The line of Picote tools includes the award winning Smart Cutters for pipe reinstatement, grinding chains for drain cleaning and many other accessories for the repair or reinstatement of pipes from 1.25–8.00″.

  • Picote Smart Sweeper

    Picote Smart Sweeper (9)

    Picote drain cleaning mini sweeper product family

    NEW! Introducing the Mini Smart Sweeper - A GAME CHANGER FOR CLEANING 2” PIPES

    Introducing the new Mini Smart Sweeper product family from Picote Solutions. Picote Smart Sweepers provide more efficiency and power to clean smaller pipes ranging from 2”-4” (DN50-DN100) in diameter.

    Remove hard tuberculation and grease in small pipes, including bathroom lines and kitchen sinks. The small body of the Mini Sweeper is compact and self-adjusting. Go through challenging bends and P-traps in 2” pipe and get the pipe cleaner than ever before.

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  • Twisters and Liner Removers

    Twisters and Liner Removers (25)

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  • Coating System

    Coating System (30)

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  • Smart Cutter Packages

    Smart Cutter Packages (13)


    The award-winning Smart Cutter offers the latest in small branch rehabilitation 1.25–8.00".  This unique system has successfully reinstated more than 30,000 branches worldwide to date inside cast iron, concrete and clay pipes. The Smart Cutter not only eliminates the need for traditionally expensive methods, but its user friendly and fully customizable design also greatly reduces training and maintenance costs and can also be used as an aid for robots or for the Twister to achieve a smooth finish. Navigating 90° bends and diameter transitions effortlessly, the Smart Cutter accurately shapes openings without accidental damage to the original pipe.  A great remedial tool, the Smart Cutter also removes lead, nails, roots, fins and epoxy slugs as well as other inconsistencies such as wrinkles in the pipe.


    Achieve more with less time and a much smaller budget.  Offer small drain rehabilitation from 1.25–8.00". Packages can be customized. Starter kits are available in all common sizes and are a popular initial purchase.
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  • Hubs

    Hubs (22)

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  • Grinding & Polishing Panels

    Grinding & Polishing Panels (13)


    These replacement panels are used in reinstatement Smart Cutter system to grind out remaining liner after the initial cut through.


    Polishing panels are used to fine tune the sides of the pipe after reinstatement with the Smart Cutter system.

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  • Pipe Cutters

    Pipe Cutters (8)


    Quickly and easily remove excess cured pipe that has overshot during lining into the main line with Picote Pipe Cutter. A simple solution — attach special panels to your Smart Cutter hub and cut the excess piece through the lateral.

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  • Front Panels and Drill Heads

    Front Panels and Drill Heads (22)


    Replaces worn front panels in Smart Cutter, Twister and liner removal systems.


    Replaces worn drill heads in multiple Picote systems.

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  • Grinding Chains & Spiders

    Grinding Chains & Spiders (21)

    Picote Solutions Drain Cleaning Chains

    Efficient Drain Cleaning Solutions

    Picote Solutions has developed a wide range of tools to use with Picote Millers for efficient, high-speed drain cleaning of cast iron, clay, concrete and PVC pipes from 1¼" - 12".

    Picote Grinding Chains are multi-use tools which are extremely effective at removing large build-ups of scale, tree roots and more. Picote chains are available in 2 different styles: the Original chain and the Cyclone chain. Each style is also available in standard versions and new Premium versions featuring more robust carbide teeth for even faster drain cleaning. HammerHead Trenchless is proud to carry a variety of Picote chains and other drain cleaning tools, such as the Picote Smart Spider, to best match each job for maximum productivity.

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  • Shaft and Adapters

    Shaft and Adapters (24)

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  • Millers & Drills

    Millers & Drills (12)


    At the heart of the Picote system are the powerful Miller units. Four models ranging from the compact and lightweight Micro-Miller for short shots in 2.00–4.00" pipes to the Heavy Duty Maxi-Miller with a 100' shaft and the capability to work in pipes as small as 2.00" and as large as 8.00" in diameter. These Millers can power the award winning Smart Cutters, Twisters, liner removers and pipe cutters in lining operations and can also operate the powerful range of grinding chains for highly efficient drain cleaning.

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  • Additional Tools & Miscellaneous

    Additional Tools & Miscellaneous (40)

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