Smart Cutter Packages


The award-winning Smart Cutter offers the latest in small branch rehabilitation 1.25–8.00″.  This unique system has successfully reinstated more than 30,000 branches worldwide to date inside cast iron, concrete and clay pipes. The Smart Cutter not only eliminates the need for traditionally expensive methods, but its user friendly and fully customizable design also greatly reduces training and maintenance costs and can also be used as an aid for robots or for the Twister to achieve a smooth finish. Navigating 90° bends and diameter transitions effortlessly, the Smart Cutter accurately shapes openings without accidental damage to the original pipe.  A great remedial tool, the Smart Cutter also removes lead, nails, roots, fins and epoxy slugs as well as other inconsistencies such as wrinkles in the pipe.



Achieve more with less time and a much smaller budget.  Offer small drain rehabilitation from 1.25–8.00″. Packages can be customized. Starter kits are available in all common sizes and are a popular initial purchase.

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