D125-QL QuickLok Inversion Drum

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NEW! QuickLok CIPP Inversion Drums


    • QUICKLOK DOOR – The patent-pending QuickLok door has a simple single-lever lockdown that seals in seconds and provides visual confirmation its secure – no more hassling with multiple bolt-downs!
    • CAM-LOK NOZZLE SYSTEM – QuickLok drums utilize our new nozzle system that uses just 2 adaptors + 6 nozzles to cover the entire 2″-8″ installation range – a feat that takes up to 18 separate nozzles with other systems! Save money and reduce the amount of stuff you have to haul around a job site! Plus, the adaptors can be used with nozzles you already own.
    • AGILE & POWERFUL DESIGN – The all-aluminum construction is rated to 25 psi (1.7 bar) providing you the power to get through longer runs with multiple or difficult bends. QuickLok drums have 35% more capacity than competitive models while being up to 50% lighter for easy portability.
    • INTERCHANGEABLE WHEEL – The spindle wheel can easily be removed and reattached to either side of the drum to suit job conditions or operator preference.
    • GLASS VIEWING PORTS – QucikLok drums have 3 chemical- and scratch-resistant viewing ports proving more visibility into the drum to monitor the liner during operations.


Curing Methods Air (Ambient), Steam, Hot Water, Bluelight® LED
Max. Pressure 25 psi
Weight 134 lb


2″ Liner 300 ft
3” Liner 210 ft
4” Liner 125 ft
6” Liner 90 ft
8” Liner 70 ft


QuickLok CIPP Inversion Drums are available in 2 sizes; for a larger capacity, check out the D225-QL


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