Bluelight 336 Version 1 Light Head Uptime Kit



Reduce downtime, increase productivity by keeping this light head uptime kit in stock at your shop.

The Bluelight 336 Light Head Uptime Kit includes rounded top replacement glass and o-rings.

O-rings must be replaced every maintenance cycle to assure a complete seal protecting the LEDs on the light head. The uptime kit includes o-rings for up to 10 maintenance cycles along with the glass.

Note: The 336 Glass rounded top version cannot be used to replace the flat top/bottom glass, only the earlier curved version.

Kit includes:

  • (10) – 934-0015, O-RING 17MM X 1.5MM
  • (10) – 934-0016, O-RING 47MM X 1.5MM
  • (10) – 934-0017, O-RING 30MM X 1.5MM
  • (1) – 934-0023, 336 GLASS, ROUNDED TOP